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Fun @ Work = Job Satisfaction + Success

Job satisfaction — the extent to which an employee (including you) generally likes his or her job. Since the 1930s, I-O psychologists have published thousands of studies examining the potential causes of job satisfaction. And scientific interest in job satisfaction still persists today. One reason for this is that studies repeatedly find that satisfied employees generally outperform their dissatisfied coworkers.

We hear a lot about pay, work/life balance, meaningful work, etc., however, based on personal experience, observation, and research, I believe fun should also be part of HR strategy. To some that may seem to be a preposterous idea – after all, paying someone to have fun??? They call it work for a reason, right? It’s even a four letter word.

No seriously, besides the obvious benefits of having fun and how that keeps employees happy, all that fun leads to employees who are more likely to avoid the negative effects of stress and anxiety. That helps create lower heart rate variability, reduces absence costs, and encourages presenteeism. And, if workers are generally healthier as a result of the increased fun they’re having in the office, then they’ll take less time off due to sickness.

Fun improves communication and collaboration.

Enjoying time with colleagues encourages discussion and trust in one another. If employees are friends with the people they work with, as opposed to simply being colleagues, then they seem to want to help each more and work better together and communicate more effectively.

Fun opens up the doors to creativity.

Young children often learn best when they are playing, and that principle also applies to adults.

Individuals’ ability to learn improves when the undertaking is enjoyable and they’re in a calm mood. Play can stimulate imagination, plus help people adapt and problem solve.

Promoting fun attracts an audience.

Sharing stories about the enjoyable atmosphere in your workplace can be an attractive part of a compelling employer branding story and help garner attention on social media. Whether a potential customer or passive talent, if that individual feels that they ‘know’ your company and can see your ‘human’, fun side, then they’ll be more likely to engage with you.

Fun makes employees more productive.

When an employee is stressed or upset, their motivation drops. They may even withdraw and communicate less, and may generally be less productive. There will always be unavoidable events in our lives that make us unhappy, but we cope better and recover faster when we’re surrounded by happiness, support and friendship.

Having fun encourages advocacy.

Advocates act as a powerful force in shaping the public perception of an organization. Employees that have fun, enjoy what they do, and are engaged will naturally share stories and act as advocates for your brand – on and offline. If every one of your employees shared news and updates about your brand to their own social groups, then your audience will increase exponentially – and for free.

Fun creates happiness that is contagious.

This can spread throughout an entire organization. Employees who take joy in their work make excellent role models for their fellow workers and encourage them to also enjoy their work.

Let your place of work carry that exciting atmosphere where there’s a buzz in the air, colleagues are enthusiastic and energetic, and there are lots of conversations happening.

Check out the following articles and sites to see why fun should be part of your HR strategy.

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Please share your ideas on how you make your workplace fun…so we can spread the enjoyment!

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